Tonight I did something I would have never done two years ago: I left the house at 10:00 p.m. (by myself), went to an event (by myself), sat down at a table (by myself) and thoroughly enjoyed hip hop slam poet Gabriela Garcia Medina (by myself).

I really don't even care if the event was Titan Nights and I was surrounded by people who were all at least five to ten years younger than me. I didn't have to talk to anyone, entertain, explain, describe or impress. In my world, that's luxury.

This is definitely not something I do on a regular basis, I can assure you of that. However, I am very fortunate to work in an environment that lends me a cultural and diverse outlet so I can attend these events if I so choose. So tonight, I did.

Gabriela was really great. She is easy to listen to, extremely entertaining and brutally honest. In between her readings some students put together a fashion show with clothes from Old Navy, Maurice's and Gap. One of the ladies wore this super-cute black and white striped dress with a bright pink scarf that I may just buy this weekend.

All in all it was a great night and I even got to top it off with a couple glasses of Moscato. Speaking of which, two is all I can handle these days.
I'm off to bed. Peace, I'm out.